What To Expect From Our Classes

We offer 12 hospitality training programs that provide students with the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in housekeeping, food and beverage, front of the house, and back of the house jobs. Our innovative, 35,000 square-foot campus simulates real-world scenarios and include mock hotel training suites, a full-service restaurant, a professional kitchen, and various off-site applied learning experiences. We work closely with our employer partners to understand the ever-changing needs of the Las Vegas hospitality industry. Our programs are accelerated and affordable, providing a pathway out of poverty for students to quickly enter the workforce and obtain family-sustaining careers.

Steward Class

Students will learn how to clean and maintain kitchen areas and equipment, including deep fryers, broilers, grills, stoves, and conventional ovens. They will also learn how to wash dishes, pots, pans, and utensils and how to handle chemicals properly.

Baker’s Helper Class

Students will learn the basic principles of baking, including fundamental techniques and procedures related to breads; pies, pastries, and cookies; cakes and frostings; and chocolate and sugar.

Professional Cook Class

Students will learn about kitchen equipment, Serv Safe, line mechanics, plate and food presentation, and hot and cold food production, and will gain knife skills.

Bus Person and Food Server Classes

Students will learn about suggestive selling techniques, dining room etiquette, proper service techniques, kitchen equipment, and safety and health department regulations.

Bar Porter and Bar Apprentice Classes

Students will learn about work forms, handling cash, basic drinks, customer service, and bartender interaction.

Wine Server Class

Students will learn about the basics of wine history, tasting, and serving and gain the tools for achieving guest satisfaction.

Housekeeping Classes

Students will learn about bed making, cleaning methods, proper handling of chemicals, room check procedures, cart loading, and safety and biohazards.

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Orientation is offered every Wednesday at 10am. Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, attendance is limited. Please call 702-924-2105 to schedule your appointment.

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